Energy Efficient Front Door Designs & Styles

The first impression your home makes is very often due to your front door; ill-fitting, draughty and insecure doors not only cost you money in terms of wasting energy, but also put your family at risk from unwanted intruders.

If you want to save on your energy bills, add value to your home and protect your family, then installing modern Upvc front doors or even superb multifold patio designs is the perfect solution. Not only do they look good, they are energy efficient and very secure, with the ability to keep out the weather and even the most determined unwelcome visitor.

They have many advantages; in terms of weather proofing, durability, energy efficiency and security. Upvc doors and GRP Composite doors significantly outperform even the best softwood, hardwood entrance doors.

Modern manufacturing techniques include use of Glass reinforced plastic (GRP) as well as Upvc (un-plasticised poly-vinyl chloride) to form the doors; the front & rear of the doors are separated by an insulating solid polyurethane foam and have a reinforcing mesh built in.

Entrance Door Features.

  • Adjustable ‘dog bolt’ hinges, which effectively secures the door leaf to the outer frame when in a closed position.
  • Security glazed section (up to 28mm laminated glass sealed unit).
  • Multi-point locks: latch, lever or pad handles with cylinder guard.
  • Choice of door furniture.
  • Flush fitting frames and weather seals.
  • Wood grain, silk or smooth finishes (choice of colours).
  • Adjustable threshold height for wheelchair access.
  • Steel reinforced frames.
  • Sub-frames sealed with steel reinforcement mesh & polyurethane foam insulation.

Special finishes and colours can make your front door look “classy”; with a truly extensive choice of design styles you can be sure to find an entrance door to complement your home.