Classically Styled French Doors

French doors are usually seen as a matching pair of double, outward opening, doors; popular for both internal and external use. Although they are normally fitted opening outward, there is no reason to stop you choosing a set that open inwards.

For each opening style, it’s important to have good quality locks because of the centre opening double leaf configuration; dead bolts, shoot bolts & multi point locks are recommended. Look for locks that are anti-levering, pick, snap & bump resistant as they should be readily available.

A common complaint with wooden French doors is that after some time they warp and stick, often becoming difficult to open and close; this can lead to further damage from having to use more “force” to close the doors.

New Upvc designs for the frames and doors mean they don’t expand and contract like traditional wooden French doors, remaining flush fitting and easy to use for many years.


  • Internal beading
  • Toughened or laminate glass
  • Stainless steel tracks & top guides
  • Multi-point locks & shoots bolts (bump, snap & pick resistant)
  • Draught proof weather seals
  • “Low- e”, thermally efficient sealed double glazed units
  • Wide range of colours
  • Open inwards or outwards
Specialised moldings can also be used to give the frames extra character, and are now available in a wide range of colours: but white still remains the most popular as the “classic” French door look.
French Doors
French Doors

Alternative Options

If you are not quite sure about whether French Doors is your “thing”, then why not review some other options to see if they have the right look for your home.

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With so many options there is sure to be a style that works for your property.

French Door
French Door