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Household Patio Door Security

Household Patio Door Security

Door Security Features

Household Patio Door Security – Almost 70% of burglaries are said to occur when the intruder gains entrance through a door, so what are the steps a homeowner can take in order to make their door more secure?

Here are some suggestions.

  • Check your door is properly closed and never leave keys in the lock or close to the door, as burglars have been known reach through the letter box to grab them, even using fishing rods to pluck keys from nearby tables inside the house!
  • Fit 5 lever mortice locks and always double lock the door where possible. Choose pick, snap and bump resistant makes of locks if you don’t have 5 lever locks.
  • Make sure the door fits into the frame properly, poorly fitted doors are much easier to force
  • For doors with small, easily smashed single glazed panes, consider an internal grille or replace the panes with double glazed units.

Household Patio Door SecurityYou may also need to consider that your doors need to be completely replaced; if this is the case then the most secure type of replacement would probably be a modern upvc composite door. The Composite door is made from high impact upvc with steel reinforced frames, they have locking points all around the frame and are fitted with strong hinges.

The multi-point locks are engaged by “lever action” and are therefore impossible to disengage from the outside, unless you are using the correct key. The composite door is so secure that there have been occasions when the police have failed to get entry even when using a battering ram.

When you also take into consideration the excellent thermal properties and the beautiful look of modern double glazed upvc doors, then it can be said that all your problems could be solved in one go by installing them to your home.

The cost of installing secure patio doors can vary quite a lot so to find good quality work & products, you should check out this price guide

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