How Much do UPVC Front Doors Cost?

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Household Patio Door Security
January 18, 2016
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How Much do UPVC Front Doors Cost?

Composite front door

What are the types of uPVC Front Doors & How Much Do They Cost?

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How Much do UPVC Front Doors Cost?A front door is clearly one of the key points of a house. It serves as the entry, exit and first line of defense for a home house.

The right front door will give comfort and safety. Furthermore, a wisely chosen front door will add charm, appeal and even value to the overall appearance of the property.

There are several options of front doors in the market. Wooden, composite or aluminum doors are alternative options, but what we are looking at in this article are UPVC front doors.

This type of front has now become increasingly popular when compared to the other types. Three of the main reasons for the popularity are that UPVC front doors are low priced, easy to install, and very easy to maintain.

What are the design choices for uPVC Front Doors?

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Material,  Finishing & Security
mahogany upvc door

Mahogany colour upvc front door

The materials used in the manufacture of the doors is basically enhanced Polymer, making the vinyl material far more rigid and durable. As the primary material, it has several benefits.

It does not not warp from the environments’ influence, it’s weather-proof, fire-proof, long lasting (up to 25 years of usage), and easy to clean.

Strength wise, uPVC front doors are very resistant to impact damage, and daily scuffs can be easily wipes off with detergent and warm water.

I suppose everyone knows that white uPVC doors are readily available, but the latest models have a very wide colour choice of which a typical supplier would be able to produce most of without having to have them specially made.

The colour schemes are also available where the outer & inner colours can be different. For example, you could use light oak wood-grain exterior and white interior.

The colours themselves are heat bonded at manufacture and so don’t wear out like paint does. The colour remains stable for the life of the door. The surface of the uPVC can be also be manufactured in such a way as to replicate the look and feel of a timber door.

The standard uPVC front door will benefit form reinforce frames and centre panels with a 3 or 5 lever mortice key lock. The main handle will also engage the multi-point locking system. Any glazed areas can have toughened glass and the glazing beads will be on the inside of the door.

Visual appearance

The 3 basic choices are solid, part glazed or full glass. It is very common for a front door to feature some small element of glazing.

You also have a wide choice in terms of the doors furniture, such as handles, letter boxes, spy holes, weather strips, numbers etc.

Below are some representations of how a particular door design may look

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2 panel with 1 square glazed
2 panel with 2 square glazed
2 panel with 2 square glazed
4 panel with 2 arch glazed
4 panel with 2 arch glazed
4 panel 2 square glass
4 panel 2 square glass
4 panel solid
4 panel solid
6 panel solid
6 panel solid
UPVC front doors come in various styles.

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door handles chrome

Choose your door furniture

In terms of the various styles, there are, for instance, external double glazed doors and solid front doors. Both of the styles are popular choices. The glazed doors offer a light and energetic atmosphere to the house while non-glazed doors will lend a solid and stable aura to the house.

As briefly mentioned above, you have a choice of colours, the most common color of UPVC doors are probably standard white. But there are many other color choices available that can be matched to the house’s exterior styling.

The wood-effect finishes and colours for the doors, include such as golden oak or rosewood. However, these special finishes give rise to additional costs in the region of 10% to 20%.

The choices of the glasses for the doors are also a factor to raise the overall door prices. The available choices are such as tinted, decorative glasses, obscure frosted, leaded or safety glass.

How much Do UPVC Front Doors Cost? – supply only

Maximum Door Size (w x h)  Material Used  Price Range
 1000 mm x 2200 mm   6 panel solid in uPVC White  from £349 to £400
 1000 mm x 2200 mm  6 panel solid uPVC Light Oak  from £500 to £600
 1000 mm x 2200 mm  6 panel solid Chartwell Green  from £550 to £600

How much Do UPVC Front Doors Cost? – fitted

Maximum Door Size (w x h)  Material Used  Price Range
 1000 mm x 2200 mm   6 panel solid in uPVC White  from £600 to £650
 1000 mm x 2200 mm  6 panel solid uPVC Mahogany  from £750 to £850
 1000 mm x 2200 mm  6 panel solid uPVC Chartwell Green  from £850 to £900

There are at least two cost factors we should consider in time of installing double glazed UPVC front doors: the labor costs and the cost of the doors themselves.

The Average cost of labour is around £250. This is based on two workers: the carpenter £150 pounds per day, and a laborer £100 pounds per day.

Meanwhile, as briefly hinted previously, the prices range from £250-£380 pounds. The job usually completed within a day, therefore, the cost of installing a single double glazed uPVC front door may range from £550 to £650.

Bear in mind that if you are buying the doors from one supplier and having them fitted by independent contractors, you need to confirm who is offering, and responsible for any guarantees.

You also need to have a new or replacement door certified that it meets current building regulations. If you use a FENSA or CERTAS registered company to supply & fit, then they can certify compliance for you. If not, you will need to organise an inspection from you local authority and bear the cost and inconvenience yourself.


Bottom Line

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In a uPVC front door, you have an excellent combination of energy efficiency, security, durability, cost effectiveness and appearance.

As far as getting a new or replacement front door goes, this combination is going to be exceeding hard to beat and so it seems that the most sensible and prudent thing to do is to get yourself a new uPVC front door as soon as possible.

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